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Green Homes and Green Building Solution Has Never Been Easier

image4How would you like a home that started saving you money from the moment you moved in, slashing energy bills by half or more? A home that not only saves you thousands over a lifetime but is built with steel-beam construction, tested to withstand seismic activity and winds of up to 150 mph. A home that offers your family peace of mind in an area of the country that experiences various wind events each spring.

Between the steel-framing members, it’s filled with mildew, mold and termite resistant Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). That’s a real advantage in the South that is plagued with black mold and termites. Both are expensive to treat, costing the homeowner thousands and more in eradication and repairs.

Between the mold-resistant construction materials and draft elimination, our home eases the discomfort of many allergy sufferers and provides the entire family with a healthier living environment.

EPS is also fire-resistant. The U.S. Department of Energy states that the home built with EPS saves an average of 50 to 70 percent on annual heating and cooling costs compared with the conventional stick-built, fiberglass insulated house. EPS protects the home from street noises, and its energy efficiency increases its value.

image2For Builders – Whether a contractor or developer looking for a competitive edge by using green practices to build energy efficient homes—or a homeowner handy with the tools, CFS Green Homes offers you the same quality, steel frame panels interlocked with mildew, mold and termite resistant Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) that we use to build our own homes.

And our wall and roof products practically sell themselves. Not only are they resistant to mold, mildew, termites and fire, but offer a R-value of 40, and our product reduces drafts, street noises and allergens in the home. CFS Green Homes provides the entire family with a healthier living environment.

Because the roof is automatically insulated in a CFS Green Home —traditionally the attic floor is full of exposed insulation—instead, you get a heated and cooled bonus space for the cost of the stairs.

image3Finish With the Material of Your Choice – Do you prefer brick, siding, stone, or stucco? Customize the look of your home with You can finish your exterior with your choice of material to customize your home. Start Saving Immediately – You won’t have to wait several years to “break even” before you realize savings. Because the cost of building with us is the same as traditional stick-building, your savings begin with your first utility bill. Our building system can save you up to 70% in energy costs!

For Home Owners – You shouldn’t have to pay a premium price to save money on energy bills. CFS Green Homes homes has a real solutions for affordable, self-sustaining, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient homes.

Now you can own an affordable and sustainable home. They are appraised as conventional homes and can be financed with a standard mortgage. Best of all they can be built much faster than a traditionally constructed home by our professional home builders. With an R-rating of 40, it’s energy efficient and that saves you money! As much as 70 percent each month on your home heating and cooling bills. Plus, EPS is resistant to mold and mildew, termites and fire.


Energy Efficiency Going, going … We’ve gone green!

We’re in the middle of a energy revolution, with CFS Green Homes leading the charge in the United States.

Old-fashioned, stick-built homes often rely on outdated insulation such as fiberglass or recycled, chemically treated newspaper called “cellulose.” These offer some protection from the heat and cold, but at CFS Green Homes we’ve designed our product from the inside out, taking our insulation to the R-value extreme.

R-40 insulation – We’ve more than doubled our “R-value,” taking it to a rating as high as R-40 compared to conventionally built homes with rating of 16-R or less. This means CFS Green Homes keeps more of the heat out in summer and more of the cold out in winter—and that means you’re using less electricity or gas and that’s good for the environment! Not only is the insulation better able to keep out the elements but it also eliminates incoming air penetration.

Tree free – No trees are harmed in the building of CFS Green Homes exterior walls or roof, thanks to our steel beam and EPS construction methods. Floors, doors and cabinets may use wood, but the CFS Green Homes shell is tree free. In the Tennessee Valley, our forests are one of our most precious resources.

70 percent less – It also means—according to the U.S. Department of Energy—that’s you’ll shrink your heating and cooling costs by as much as 70 percent. To further enhance your energy savings, consider installing ENERGY STAR rated appliances throughout your home.

• Our panel system eliminates the need for wood framing by using EPS and light-gauge metal.
• Reduces the connections needed by traditional building systems.
• Engineered through traditional methods to reduce noise, the effects of fire, wind, earthquake, termites, rot, mold and moisture.
• New structures are made with stronger, renewable materials and less wood than traditional building methods.
• Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) means super insulation
• Steel framing means strong, durable structures
• Always well-engineered to insure the highest quality
• Solid and thick wall and roof panels mean peace and quiet inside
• Our system provides strength and durability that is perfect for harsh climates. Lower utility bills.
• Our structures require 50-70% less energy to operate depending on usage patterns.
• System quickly obtains zero energy usage combined with alternative energy sources.
• Reduces overall building, operating and maintenance costs for solid and sustainable green building structures.
• Allows any roof, wall and ceiling finish.

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