Green Homes and Green Building Solution Has Never Been Easier

images1 CFS Green Homes Builders, Green Building Solution & Energy Efficient Homes has always been an appealing idea with an unappealing price tag. Many homeowners have desired to build energy-efficient homes, only to find that they can’t finance the cost. CFS Green Homes has developed a building system that is efficient for the builders with a budget that is just right for the homeowner. Looking for self-sustaining homes at reasonable prices? Contact us today.




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For Builders

For Builders

You need a green building solution that meets your client’s budget and provides practical, hands-on training for your entire crew. We can help.

Finally, the average homeowner can afford to build an energy-saving home with our green home builders. You don’t have to pay a premium price for the benefits of sustainable living in self-sustaining and eco-friendly home. Our solution will give you the efficiency that you want without raising your building costs.

Move in Faster – Green living is closer than you think. Our building system significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to dry-in your home. We can save your builder time and get you closer to move-in day.

Finish With the Material of Your Choice - Do you prefer brick, siding, stone, or stucco? You choices are limitless when you choose CFS Green Home Builders. Customize the look of your home with You can finish your exterior with your choice of material to customize your home.

Start Saving Immediately - You won’t have to wait several years to “break even” before you realize savings. Because the cost of building with CFS is the same as traditional stick-building, your savings begin with your first utility bill. Our building system can save you up to 60% in energy costs!

For Homeowners

For Homeowners

You shouldn’t have to pay a premium price to save money on energy bills. CFS Green homes has a real solutions for affordable, self-sustaining, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient homes.

Browse our gallery of sustainable and affordable homes built by CFS Green Home builders. Now you can own an affordable and sustainable home. Our Eco-Friendly homes cost the same as traditional stick-built homes, yet they save you up to 60% in energy costs.

We have a variety of beautiful home plans built by our expert home builders for you to choose from. All of our Eco-Friendly homes are durable and resistant to mold, moisture, and insects. They are appraised as conventional homes and can be financed with a standard mortgage. Best of all they can be built much faster than a traditionally constructed home by our professional home builders.

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