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Green Building Certification, Training to Build CFS Green Homes

Builders love our green building training process at CFS Homes.  We have developed a practical green building certification program with the needs of independent contractors in mind.  We understand that time away from work is valuable to you.  That’s why we don’t require expensive training classes at hotels in remote cities.

Real Training – Not Book Instruction.

Our green building training is offered on-site during the construction of your first CFS Home.  Our hands-on process is more effective than discussing green building theory in a classroom, and your whole crew gets trained together at once.

A High-Quality Product That is Easy to Build

We have developed a product that combines superior energy efficiency with ease of construction.  This green building system can employ people with no previous building background.  Our pre-cut panels are easy to assemble, and their light weight means that you won’t need a crane or other heavy equipment.  It only takes about one-third of the time to dry-in a CFS Green Home as it does to dry-in a traditional stick built home.

Gain More Exposure in Our Certified Builder Directory

As a certified CFS Green Home Builder, your company will be listed in our directory for homeowners who want to find a green construction company.  You can have satisfied customers by building an energy-efficient home on a faster schedule for the same price as a traditional stick builder.

Contact us today to learn more about green building training.